Shambolic (2019)

Brocker’s album Shambolic is the band’s third full length record, released on August 23rd 2019 and published by Bomber Music.

Recorded & mixed by Ale Barranco, mastered by Jordi Gil del Valle at Sputnik Studios in Seville (Spain) during March 2017.

The track ‘Stoffel’ features Fernando Madina (Reincidentes, Spain), Manu and Ale Horror (Horror Business, Spain), Ale Baranco, Jon Madina, María García and Enrique Navarrete.

Keyboards in ‘Stoffel’ by Ale Barranco. Cover artwork by Antonio Pacelli. Logo and album design by Janchi Mugica.


1. The Machine

Day by day the future holds
more and more technology.
Zombie bound, there’s no way out
Always watching me.

Lights, camera and action,
Heads down to the big screen.
A new device controls your mind
like you’ve never seen.

Wait in line, don’t make a move
There’s no place you can hide

I don’t want you
But I need you.
The machine controls everything you do.
I don’t want you,
Now pull the plug.
Get out of the trap

We’re on the radar, satellite
Run by the machine
Make a call, send a text
Now they know your sins

Private life, what a lie,
Panic on the streets.
Go outside and realise
We live a virtual life.

2. Inferno

Well, this ordinary life
Is messing with my mind
Let’s go and have a drink
And then I’ll feel alright

Sometimes I feel strong
Some days I wanna hide
Neurotic poisons,
I’m lost inside my mind

Come out and play,
Inner demons go away

The living dead is coming my way
Step aside and read between the lines
Poison everything then cast me a spell
Inferno, living hell.

Sometimes I feel forgotten behind a wall
Sometimes I feel no one likes me anymore
Make sure you pick me up, just when I fall
Some say that I’m strange, well I don’t care no more

Today I found a smile
For things I have to face.
I have all I need,
Music is my place.

Come out and play,
Inner demons go away.
Until the end,
I’m gonna find my way.

3. Something About Devils

Ready and dressed to kill,
Masking the face of sins
His eyes are up in flames
We’re unaware

He’s gonna find his way
No matter what they say.
Demons will always feed
On dirty deeds.

The Devil’s in disguise,
Hiding round the corner to strike.
Fallen angels in the city of sin,
All he wants is dead wings.

Evil never sleeps,
Forever in my dreams.
Now back to where he fell,
To rot in hell.

I invited him to drink,
I put my friends at risk.
Now he’s long gone,
Forever done.

He has an angel face,
A smile you cannot trace.
Desire is what he needs,
Hungry for greed.

There’s a little bit
of Devil in us all.
I’m good with my own mask,
Now take my soul.

4. Gasoline

Live in sin, enjoy the ride,
No regrets, there is no time.
Time is walking on the clock,
I won’t wait to lie with worms.

Break the chains, unleash the pain,
Bury all the fear and shame.
Everyday we roll the dice,
Money is just another vice.

Hit the ground running, time’s running out…

Gasoline, gasoline, I need more gasoline.
Gasoline, gasoline, I need more gasoline.
It’s now or never in ‘Shambolic World’,
I have a gun and only get one shot.
I’m still alive, I shoot a bullet at the sky.

One day I’ll be gone like ice,
Melting down the wall of life.
Am I trapped inside this world
Like a fish inside a bowl?

5. Stereo

Music changed my life till the day I die.
Rock n roll is crazy, it gets me high.

Turn the stereo up, I’m listening

Music is in my veins and I like it.
Music is in my heart, breaking chords apart.
Music is in my eyes, don’t you see?
My life is just a mixtape of songs that I play.

I’m a crazy boy in a crazy world.
Mother told me: “study and just get a job”.

Turn the stereo up, I’m listening.

When the music’s on I feel no pain at all, put some music on.
When the music’s on I feel no pain at all, put the stereo on.

6. Stoffel

Stoffel was a punk and he wanted to get away.
Never mind how big the wall he always found an escape.
Picking on the big boys, was his favourite game.
Trashing everything around him, he could not care less.

And no matter what you do it’s impossible to lock him away.
Because freedom is a right and not something for which you have to pay.

Make of this life your own tale,
You don’t have to play their game,
Tomorrow is yours to make,
not theirs to take.

Stoffel era un punky, anarquista de corazón.
Siempre en busca de una bronca contra algún cabrón.
Rebelde y reincidente, no se rendirá.
Su forma de vida se llama libertad.

EN (literal)
Stoffel was a punk, an anarchist to the core.
Always looking to pick a fight with any dickhead.
A rebel and repeat offender, he’ll never give up.
His way of life is called freedom.

7. Outside The Box

Don’t believe in everything you see
From the face of your tv.
Pretending to be your friends,
While you’re living in a mess.

Don’t believe in everything you read
From newspapers and magazines.
What’s the story here today?
A state of emergency.

Think outside the box, media detox!

Sitting on the sofa again,
Nothing is real.
Same old trip, gossip’s here
Don’t believe.
Sitting down and watch TV
Nothing is real
Same old lies, fickle minds
1,2,3! It’s not my deal

Don’t believe in everything they say,
Manipulating eyes and brains.
Keeping you entertained,
Is their old tricky game.

8. Distorted

Why don’t you shut up?
You talk too much.
This storm in my head,
Can wake up the dead.

I wanna stick knives
Into your eyes.
Stop blurting out
Poison from your mouth

Don’t you ever feel sorry for yourself?

Poisoned and confused,
My mind’s been abused
No antidote for you.
Spitting in my ear
Nothing I believe.
Paranoia rules again.
We’ll never think the same
Distorted brain.
Shut your mouth.

You’re talking too much
And I don’t care.
Tell another lie,
It’s all about yourself.

Why are you still here?
Pack up and go.
Patience’s running out,
Your ass is in your mouth

9. Hellride

Step on the gas while we say goodbye.
Touring is mad, it’s in our blood.

We’re on the road leaving this hometown.
Next gig starts, the sun’s going down.

We breath Rock N’ Roll and live in overdrive!

One hell of a ride at the speed of light,
Road trip, ripping songs to the gig tonight.
Miles and miles behind, this is do or die,
Hellride! This is how we feel alive.

Here we go, burn up the road,
This is the worst hangover we know.

Through Belgium, Spain to the end of the world,
From here on in the floor is our home.

We breath Rock N’ Roll and live in overdrive!

One hell of a ride at the speed of light,
At the speed of light,
At the speed of light.

10. Underworld

Let’s go down to the underworld,
Full of rage and full of love.
We need to find salvation,
Let’s go down to the underworld.

So many troubles in this world,
Some we see and some we don’t.
Tic tic tic timebomb,
Count down from 10 until it explodes.

It’s the underworld, it’s the one that rocks.
Sex, drugs, rock n roll. What else we want?

There’s no time for manipulation.
Underground illusions,
Outside is desperation.
Stop looking for paradise.
Let’s go downstairs, spread the word,
Let’s go down to the underworld.

Our souls are doomed to wander around
Aimlessly in the netherworld.
No politics or nations,
We are the demons of this world.

Hellmouth has opened up its doors,
Join us now the show is on.
Tic tic we’re time bombs,
Let’s play down at the underworld.

11. Mayday

At sea,
A sinking boat I have to save.
Wind is biting on my face.

Turn my head to show the way.
I’m alone like a castaway.

And we sing,
Woohoho oh oh oh ohohoh

Let’s walk the plank together to fight the sea.
Mayday! Big sharks are taunting me.
Let’s walk the plank together, it’s hard to breath.
Mayday! Mayday! Under the sea.

Come crew,
To fight and sail the seven seas.
We won’t drop down on our knees

Against the waves to save my soul.
Don’t fall down the rabbit hole

The Jolly Roger flag is up, black spot!
Davy Jones’ Locker is far, shark bait!
Reef the sails, aye aye!
Drop anchor on my scars.

Write a wish,
Throw it in the sea.
Let the bottle reach,
Each one of your dreams.

12. Alcohol & Rock 'n' Roll

Raise your glass and celebrate,
here we are another day
Any excuse will be excused,
celebrate to celebrate

It kills the pain and you forget the shit that’s in our eyes.
Adrenaline and golden hearts meet the monkey inside,
Suicide by the bar, drinking life

Alcohol and Rock n’ roll
Off the wagon punching walls
Free my freedom, drain the blood
This cigarette is burning fast
Break the rules and let them fall
Over the city of hope
Chaos and rebellion meet love

The moon buys me a drink and the sun puts me to sleep
Some of them drink to forget, but I don’t forget to drink

It makes you find the light, intoxication’s on its way
The escape plan, I will survive, ecstasy of mind,
Throw the dice, what’s my luck? Feeling high

Too many nights, not enough days
Bloodshot eyes in the mirror of lies
Pleasure in my mind, only stays at night
At the end of the bottle I see my life

Too many nights
Stories to tell
I need a cigarette
At the end of the bottle
I see my life

Alcohol, let’s go get some more
Rock n’ Roll, get your daily dose

13. Nowadays

Nowadays everything can change so fuck you!
Nowadays everything is not great.
Yesterday was another day in heaven.
That’s ok, it means I’m alive today.

No one to tell you what to do, fuck you!
No one to tell you what to choose, fuck you!
Don’t let them tell you what to say, fuck you!
Now think about your future once again.