Gimme Gimme Rock n' Roll (2016)

Brocker’s single Gimme Gimme Rock n’ Roll was recorded and mixed by producer Paul Tipler (Placebo, Idlewild, New Town Kings) at Unit 13 in London and Mastered by Shane Shanahan (Bullet For My Valentine, Robert Plant) at Westpoint Studios, London.



  1. Gimme Gimme Rock n’ Roll
  2. Incontrolable

Out of Order (2013)

Brocker’s album Out of Order is the second full length record the band has released. Fourty minutes of music charged with Rock n’ Roll tunes and Punk Rock attitude.

OFFICIAL VIDEO (The City is Burning)


  1. Getting Late to the Punk Rock Gig
  2. A Quiet One
  3. The City is Burning
  4. Gangster Ska
  5. Kadaver
  6. Satisfaction
  7. Hey!
  8. Imagination
  9. One Man Mosh Pit
  10. She’s a Wolfman (Bonus Track)

One Man Mosh Pit (EP) (2012)

One Man Mosh Pit (EP) was released in May 2012 prior to the release of the full length album Out of Order released in July 2013.


  1. Getting Late to the Punk Rock Gig
  2. Gangster Ska
  3. Kadaver
  4. Imagination
  5. One Man Mosh Pit

My First Claudio

My “First Claudio” is really Brocker’s first album. Featuring 10 songs, 9 by Brocker and the cover Knowledge by Operaton Ivy, it was entirely auto-produced, recorded and mixed by the band.


  1. Mum, watch n’ learn
  2. My First Claudio
  3. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
  4. Youth
  5. To Hell with Terrorism
  6. Doomed
  7. She’s Hot
  8. Strange Life
  9. Months Away
  10. The Motherfuckers’ Ballad